Complete Contracting!

Automated Invoicing

Process all types of placement services quickly and effortlessly. Create contracts, record hours worked, commission your employees, and much more.

Contract Status Boards

Easy monthly billing!

On a monthly basis, our back office tool conveniently guides you through all the necessary stages of contract billing cycle one step at a time and supports you in the efficient and correct processing of your contracts.

The best Back Office Software you have ever seen

There is no easier way to handle your billing!

More Control

Thanks to the extensive functionality, you keep track of your billing down to the smallest detail.

Faster Billing

Thanks to the smart interfaces to your candidates and customers, you save valuable time in contract processing. staffITpro takes over the administrative work for you.


With Back Office, you are optimally equipped for your growth. From now on, you can handle any volume of contract billing with ease.

As versatile as your business needs

Easily invoice any contract type

We offer the types of contracts you need:
Freelance (hourly, daily, monthly rate), Temporary (hourly, daily, monthly rate), Permanent, Retainer, Margin-Only and Fixed price create and settle without problems

Real Time Contracting

Online timesheets for your experts

Mobile optimized and accessible from everywhere, the online timesheet is an easy and effective way for your experts to record their working times. Thanks to real-time calculations, you always have your current success on the screen.

Commission calculation

Commissioning based on your formulas

Automatic calculation of the commissions to be paid to each team member based on individually stored formulas. The back office software also automatically solves time-consuming recalculations.

Credit Note Procedure

Easy Billing using Credit Notes

Ever dreamed of having to no longer wait for incoming invoices? Well now you can. With the credit note procedure, you save valuable time and bill your contracts completely independent at your own pace.

Automatic account reconciliation

Never miss a payment

Thanks to our smart account reconciliation, open receivables are marked as fully or partially paid when payment is received on your bank account. This way, you can call up the status of your billing period on a daily basis.

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