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Our mission: to help you achieve maximum job success with pioneering technology. Trust in our expertise and our rock-solid sense for digital development!

International, multicultural, hands-on: That’s us.

Our motto “Do it!” repeatedly takes us forward again and again. Our employees love to devote themselves to tricky projects. Because they eventually result in remarkable solutions! Without a ton of unnecessary chatter or endless pages of concept and approval forms. And because we have a fantastic nose for pioneering technologies as well as the experience and respectability of an established company, we have always taken confident strides – with everybody contributing their share – as a trailblazer in our industry.

What sets us apart

Passion – this is something that we all have in common at audeoSoft. We enthusiastically allow innovations to emerge and develop revolutionary digital solutions that simplify processes and offer our customers a crucial edge in their work and over the competition. In general, we are always one step ahead of our competitors. Why? Because, thanks to our IT expertise and extensive experience in numerous cultures around the world, we are constantly up to date, always stay curious and reliably detect sustained trends.

Innovative mindset

We solve problems! Our aim is to create forward-looking solutions and always be at the cutting edge of technology.


We do not prejudge any idea, no matter how crazy it may sound. We support each other and create an atmosphere where new, innovative ideas can emerge and grow.


Classic 9 to 5? No thanks! We love what we do and do what we love. Whether as individuals or in a team. This is what makes us so successful!


“Achieve as a team what others cannot!” This motto applies no matter where in the world we are located. We know that we can always rely on our staffitpro family in any situation!

Customer Focus

We offer our customers fast solutions (deliver), professional collaboration (exceptional) and an open dialog at eye level (experience)!


By this, we do not mean “take the easiest path” – on the contrary. Our ideas are well thought out, easy to use and make users’ lives easier.

Our history

Peter Termöllen founds audeoSoft. He successfully markets the self-developed software staffitpro to interested companies with the help of a growing team of experts. He is quickly vindicated: there is strong demand for recruitment software! Peter Termöllen sets up an additional development office in Bucharest, Romania.

Another revolutionary step that enables the IT company to grow at will: audeoSoft is among the first IT service providers in the world to offer the cloud systems of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as infrastructure for its own customers.

In order to market the staffitpro software more successfully, audeoSoft launches “Resoom”, a job portal for freelance IT specialists. In the same year, the company releases its own associated high-gloss printed piece. The attention and response make audeoSoft a strong player. With this boost, the specialists establish their staffitpro brand.

Expansion! audeoSoft’s third location is established in Dallas, Texas, USA. Peter Termöllen spends five years of developing the company on site. Despite the global financial crisis, the IT specialists successfully sell the software in the USA as well as in Canada.

Super standing – the most renowned recruiters in the freelance IT market are now audeoSoft customers. But the world keeps on moving and technology offers new possibilities. The development of a browser-based staffitpro version gets the go-ahead.

The management gains a new member: After 20 years of success stories as a provider of leading software for recruiters, headhunters, system houses and HR departments, Marcel Termöllen is promoted to the management board as part of the second generation and sets the course for pioneering projects in the company.

The company headquarters in Wiesbaden is relocated to Wilhelmsstrasse. A modern look, an innovative location, even more space: The junior member of the dual leadership team, Marcel Termöllen, brings a breath of fresh air and a start-up mindset to the company, which adds several employees.

The time has come! The great relaunch of staffitpro is on the starting blocks. At times, 20 developers work simultaneously on the now AI-based software. The directors call it “a renewed forward-looking renaissance in software” – and are convinced: “Again, we are the best on the market.”

Our most recently established location! As of now, an extremely motivated quality assurance team operates in Pakistan. audeoSoft is not only growing in Germany. Of the more than 30 employees, barely half are based at the headquarters in Wiesbaden. The rest are distributed at locations around the globe. Romania has been among them ever since the company was founded, followed later by the USA and India.

23 years of audeoSoft, and we are proud of our achievements. But that’s no reason to ease off the gas! In line with our hands-on culture, we continue to look ahead. How do we use technological trends and artificial intelligence to the benefit of our customers? We are ready for the future – and we are reflecting this in a totally new, refined brand image.

audeoSoft plans to usher in a new era of recruitment by 2030. The team is actively researching into cutting-edge technologies and has already successfully implemented many of its concepts

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