The #1 functionality

All functions at a glance

Recruitment / Project
Ki-based applicant search
  • Revolutionary skill search with key-word boosting, Boolen operators, radius search, and much more.
Document search
  • Search the content of all your documents (PDF, scans, etc.) and include them in the search.
Process automation
  • Automate time-consuming tasks. Mailing with time offset, feedback evaluation, and much more.
Smart Kanban Boards
  • Creation of individual Kanban boards perfectly adapted to all your staffing processes.
Temp & Perm
  • One tool for all needs: Freelance, Permanent, Fixed Price, Temporary, Retainer and Internal Staffing.
Recruiter dashboards
  • Overview of own performance, as well as important news of everyday work.
Performance Reporting
  • Evaluation of pipeline activity, staffing duration and other KPIs
Fast filter
  • Search and save filters and access again at any time.
Negotiation assistant
  • Smart Insights for a successful salary negotiation.
Online feedback
  • Easily query availability of candidates on potential projects using online interface.
Customer Portal
  • Innovative online offers to the customer with integrated chat and smart interactions.
Partner portal
  • Interface for your partners / service providers for uploading candidate proposals for your projects
Interview Manager
  • Online interview agreement with candidate and client. 1-Click scheduling and invitation.
Interview guides
  • Customizable guides and response capture for your candidate interviews.
  • Interactive evaluation forms for internal, as well as external assessment of your candidates.
Teams integration
  • Insert Microsoft Teams meetings when creating interviews.
  • Publish your projects on your own as well as leading job markets at the push of a button.
Google Maps Integration
  • Narrow down your search even more precisely thanks to geodata from Google Maps.
  • On request, automated collection of references. Convenient interface for reference providers.
Questionnaire module
  • Create online questionnaires and make them available to candidates at the click of a button
  • Monitoring of adherence to applicable compliance standards of your company
Custom fields
  • Add individual fields and fully control them in all search functions of the software.
Profiles in desired format
  • Automatic generation of candidate profiles in the desired format.
  • Upon completion, fully automatic generation of contracts for the colleagues from the back office.
Single / Serial Mail
  • Shipped from single, seeds of mass mails in seconds thanks to our innovative Arte Technology.
Time-shifted mailings
  • Send emails from your process with time delay to candidate and customer.
E-mail templates / text modules
  • Individualized templates / texts for quick use in the system
Serial / single documents
  • Save documents as a template in the system and then create entire ones simply at the push of a button. Variables are replaced automatically.
Talent Acquisition / Applicant Management
Smart candidate profiles
  • Create comprehensive profiles of your candidates thanks to granular storage of all information.
Automatic CV parsing
  • Automated entry of candidate resumes into your database
Online applicant portal
  • Online applicant interface for 1-click applications, as well as for independent profile maintenance.
Duplicated check
  • Detect and eliminate duplicate records
Individual skill database
  • Customization, grouping and expansion of stored skills and abilities.
Online job market
  • Transfer incoming applications directly to staffITpro.
Company portal
  • Internal candidate presentation to specialist department & co.
Distribution lists
  • Create individual lists and assign candidates.
DSGVO tool
  • Convenient opt-in procedure for permanent data storage.
Multiple languages
  • Font change in preferred language. Automatic selection of suitable templates / text modules.
Applicant requests
  • Save Desire Mediation (Perm, Freelance, etc.) of the applicant
  • Save the possible applications of all applicants
  • Storage of documents directly at the candidate.
Custom fields
  • Creation of individual system fields. Integration in database search
Own content
  • Easy personalization of the system content. User-defined statuses, types and lists.
Integrated e-mail client
  • Reflection of your e-mail mailbox directly in StaffitPro. Sending and receiving emails in the system.
  • Automatic assignment of all incoming and outgoing emails to the respective data record.
E-mail templates / text modules
  • Individualized templates / texts for quick use in the system
Create documents
  • Save documents as templates in the system and create them at the push of a button. Variables are replaced automatically.
Individual list view
  • Creation of individual list views for each user.
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple data sets
Sales / CRM
Master data care
  • Extensive customer profiles. Access to the information in all processes.
  • Storage of all company master data, as well as illustration of group structures.
Contact Person
  • Detailed recording of all contact persons of your customers.
Organization chart
  • Hierarchical representation of the contact persons of a company
Partner management
  • Management/ identification of suppliers and other service providers.
Partner candidate
  • Assignment of applicants from the database to partner / service providers
Complete customer history
  • All past and current contact entries, project requests, negotiations, and more.
Requirement profiles
  • Storage of open needs / search mandates per company, department, contact person
Sales expectations
  • Capture profit expectation of open project requests. Overview of your pipeline volume at any time
Job Pipelines
  • Campaign definition for successful acquisition
Kanban boards
  • Individual Kanban boards for practical use.
  • Automate emails, follow-ups, etc. to speed up your process
Online offers
  • Proactive offers of your talents to your customers via online portal.
Smart tracking
  • Smart tracking of opening rates / views of your customer offers.
1-Click documents
  • Generate offers, cover letters, etc. easily at the push of a button.
  • Easily submit all collected requisition details to the recruiting team.
Single / Serial Mail
  • Send single as well as mass emails in seconds thanks to our innovative ARTE Technology.
Distribution lists
  • Create individual lists and assign customers.
  • Automatic assignment of all incoming and outgoing emails to the customer record.
Integrated e-mail client
  • Reflection of your e-mail mailbox directly in StaffitPro. Sending and receiving emails in the system.
E-mail templates
  • Ready-made texts for your communication. Create templates for all your needs.
Tasks / appointments
  • Fully integrated tasks / appointment management. Synchronization with Exchange.
Text building blocks
  • Individualized templates / texts for quick use in the system
  • Storage of all documents directly at the company and the contact person.
Contract types
  • One tool for all needs: Freelance, Permanent, Fixed Price, Temporary, Retainer and Internal Staffing.
  • Preparation of contracts after successful completion of the staffing request.
Project development
  • Collection of individual contracts to projects. Uniform evaluation of the billing.
Status board
  • The status of all contracts at a glance. Guided process until payment is received.
  • Supporting the crediting procedure for invitable cooperation.
Hours Portal
  • Online time tracking portal for billing your time contracts.
Automatic billing
  • Automatic billing for all types of contracts.
Billing via service provider
  • Identification of contracts with billing by a service provider.
Invoice correction
  • Cancellation, correction and credit issued invoices.
Accounting export
  • Export of all invoices in ZUGFeRD format.
Commission calculation
  • Calculation of all commissions according to individual employee agreements. Recalculation easily possible.
Contract extensions
  • Renew contracts and transfer details at the touch of a button.
Temp to Perm
  • Contract for the transition of temporary employment to the customer's permanent employment.
  • Entry by applicant or recruiter. Pass-through item or internal billing.
Payment comparison Bank account
  • Automatic matching of all payments received on the account with open receivables.
Automatic dunning
  • Reminders for all overdue receivables based on defined escalation levels.
Currency translation
  • Support of foreign currencies. Automatic conversion through the system.
  • Creation and storage of documents directly with the company and contact person.
  • Evaluation of contract utilization. Comparison of planned/actual hours.
Administration / Reporting
KPI Reporting
  • Provide detailed KPIs to create customized dashboards.
Ratio calculation
  • Calculation of own ratios based on the system KPIs.
Pipeline analysis
  • Performance analysis of recruiting and sales pipelines
Organization profiles
  • Mapping of multiple locations in the system. Creation of specific address data, general terms and conditions, etc.
Legal management
  • Extensive rights and role concept up to record level
Super user
  • Online invitation and management of all user accounts.
Required fields
  • Define mandatory fields for each module
E-mail synchronization
  • Synchronization of your Exchange, IMAP or POP mailbox.
E-mail signatures
  • Individual e-mail signatures for sending from staffITpro
  • Central blocking of data records for outgoing communication
  • Multilingual interface (German/ English). Templates/ text modules in any language.
Rest API
  • Open REST API interface for connecting external features and programs
Project orders
  • Creation of customized dashboards on demand
Individual system lists
  • Adjustment of contents of the selection lists in the system
Safety / privacy
Server location Germany
  • Our StaffitPro servers are in Germany and are thus subject to applicable DSGVO requirements
High system security
  • Highest security standards for our servers.
AVV / Tom documents
  • By default, we agree with our customers all privacy-relevant documents.