Workflow Automation!

Custom Process Automation

Automate your sales workflow with staffITpro. Precise targeting and perfectly timed communication ensure a close relation your customers.

Use Insights to your advantage

Boost your revenue

Present your top talents to your customers in just a few seconds. Feedback and opening rates can be tracked precisely. With more insights to more sales!

Customized Sales Pipelines

Fast, efficient sales

Model your individual sales pipelines and automate many activities along the workflow. Empower your sales team to spend more time on the important tasks.

Outsmart your competitors

Be better in every aspect!


Score points with your customers with the easiest and most pleasant way of collaboration. Your customers will love the new experience!


Make sure your candidates are the first in your client's inbox. Proactively offer your candidates to your clients with little time investment.


Thanks to the great degree of transparency in your processes, you can keep your customer constantly up to date and thus ensure maximum trust in your services.

Interactive Mailshots

Modern Sales Tools for more Deals

Our tools offer everything you need. From customized offers to interactive sendouts to a broad range of recipients. Use insights, such as opening rates to better assess your customers' needs, plan tailored follow-up calls and get recognized for your work.

Valuable Sales Insights

Know your customers' interest

See opening rates, individual views, and other insights about your offers. Plan the optimal strategy ahead of the client call and make sure to set yourself up for success.

A CRM that offers it all!

Detailed Customer Profiles

Thanks to smart and comprehensive customer profiles, you work even more to the point: Benefit from information that go far beyond the usual master data and use them to your advantage. The entire knowledge of your company flows together here.

Organizational Charts

Successfully approach new leads

Perfectly visualize structures, roles and seniorities of your customers to react to situations on the phone even faster. With our org charts, you can plan your sales calls ahead and achieve a higher success rate!

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