Our Team

Marcel Termöllen

Managing Director

is our highly motivated Managing Director. His commitment is as strong as his innovative ideas. With his fresh drive, he motivates the team to top performance and inspires our customers as well as partners for staffITpro every day.

Peter Termöllen

Managing Director & Owner

Founder and well experienced leader. No one can fool him when it comes to business trends. His tremendous experience, and his entire heart and soul go into the software - two guarantors for long term success of staffITpro.

Constantin Lupu

Chief Development Officer & Owner audeoSoft SRL.

also known as "The Codefather". From the first line of code, which he wrote himself, to the most recent one, there is no part of the software that he doesn't know. He has long been considered the all-knowing guru at audeoSoft and is a true role model for all our developers.

Bogdan Furchita

Head of Development & IT

is our genius! With his calm and composure, he leads our developers every day and keeps everything running smoothly, even in the most difficult situations. To face new challenges, he also leads our research team and continuously provides new innovative concepts.

Anke Termöllen

Chief Financial Officer

Our customers love her! Her motto: "We'll tackle it!" No challenge is too big for her. She approaches her tasks every day with joy, flexibility and solution orientation - just as it should be in an innovative company with ingenious software!

Daniel Krippner

Customer Success Specialist

is also known as our support guru. That's because he's the ultimate specialist for all user questions and problems. The support case he can't solve has yet to be invented. With passion, Daniel tackles every case and always finds the optimal solution.

Sascha Thome


aka our multitasking talent: As a member of the illustrious circle of our audeoSoft support artists, Sascha juggles several tickets at once without any problems and doesn't let anything or anyone get in his way. Clear the ring for our all-rounder!

Vanessa Termöllen

Head of Sales

is our sales talent. She is known for her convincing presentations. Inspired by her infectious energy, she serves up the right solution for every requirement. And because she always finds the right words, no questions are left unanswered at the end.

Benjamin Wagner

Quality Assurance Team Lead

is the personification of calmness. Thanks to his relaxed manner, he always leads his with mindfulness, no matter how busy things are. As the head of our quality management, nothing can throw him off, and that's why he's so good at motivating others to perform at their best.

Sven Paulik

Team Lead - Client Projects

is a real genius - straight out of the magic lamp. There are no project requests he can't fulfill. Whether it's stylesheets, dashboards or invoice templates: with his skills, he is determined to make things happen, always with magical outcomes.

Marcel Schmidt

CTO & Full Stack Developer

also known as our Superbrain, not only administrates and maintains our internal IT - including all beverage dispensers, by the way! But also, he is currently very successfully familiarizing himself with the topic of artificial intelligence. In this way, he contributes to our goal of constantly optimizing the functionality of our software.

Fabian Wolf

Team Lead - Full Stack Developer

is the geek among us. Always five steps ahead of the latest technology, his innovative ideas provide new inspirations. While his left hand quickly adjusts the monitor to the perfect position, he has already starting coding with the other one.

Tudor Hariton

Team Lead - Full Stack Developer

has long been a legend in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Always accompanied by his favorite songs, he performs miracles on a daily basis! He knows his craft like no other and makes even the seemingly most impossible customer wish come true.