Enormous time savings thanks to automation

Automate your workflow and leave routine tasks to your virtual assistants. For the smoothest possible recruiting pipeline.

First efficiency, then expertise

Selecting new employees: This still requires your experience, competence, and time – and you have all the time you need. Because staffitpro takes over the preparation and selects the absolute top candidates from all applications. This gives you scope to tip the scales and use your power where it makes the crucial difference.

How does it work? Quite simply!

How would the ideal recruitment optimally proceed? Feed our smart software with this information. You model these processes in staffitpro exactly once – and then you’re up and running! Our HR bots are programmed accordingly: As your personal virtual assistants, they learn from you everything that you need for top performance and then work at a permanently consistent quality. The HR bots meet your expectations unswervingly, even with a growing data set. The benefits of this strong partnership are clear:

more time for success

It goes without saying: The more annoying but important odds and ends you are able to delegate, the more time you have for the tasks that you are truly made for. After all, it is your core competencies that ultimately determine the success or failure of a perfect hire.

Infinite scalability

Your success is growing? staffitpro grows too! You can therefore handle more customers and more applicants with ease. This is because the smart processes adapt as your database and company become larger. You can view large quantities of data, write e-mails or create lists in just a few seconds, for example. Easy and in no time.

Active customer contact

Nobody wants inactive records. With automated, regular contact, staffitpro makes sure that neither talents nor customers forget about you. Thanks to various interactions that run completely autonomously, you stay on the radar of applicants and customers and benefit from stronger ties to them.

Improved image

A professional external appearance certainly contributes to business success. Clearly structured processes are appreciated by applicants and potential customers and justifiably win them over. Seize this opportunity.

Human and bot: the dream team

Together with your virtual assistants, you work with maximum efficiency. Your eager assistants will actively approach you with feedback and status reports, for example. You can, of course, also assign precise tasks to your personal HR bots.

Personal touch

Our HR bots are as smart as you want them to be. They acquire every required capability from you – as a separate automated process. Welcome your new competent colleagues! You can also customize the appearance of your virtual assistants according to your preferences. What look and name do they have? And how much of a boost do they provide?

Permanent top performance

No human can permanently deliver peak performance. Nature simply did not create us that way. Your virtual assistants, by contrast, permanently keep their work quality at exactly the same level. And make virtually no mistakes. This improves your processes significantly. And sustainably.

The HR bots take some of the work off my hands.

Janet Maria Richter-Zemisch Wipro Business Solutions

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With staffitpro, you can take your workflow to the next level. The intelligent software supports you with a variety of smart functions - for more efficiency and productivity!


Reliable automation, error-free processes, convincing results.

Super fast

Task completion at the push of a button and search hits within seconds!


Intuitive operation, independent work processes and comprehensive support.

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More functions

Applicant management

Comprehensive profiles and central communication give you a complete overview of tasks, contacts and deadlines at all times – GDPR-compliant storage included!

Applicant search

Never before have you searched for matches so successfully. A broad search base and maximum search term diversity deliver top hits!

CRM & Sales

The CRM sales feature of our smart recruiting software performs the necessary steps for you – and thus gives you the ideal basis for increased success.

Data security

In matters of data security and compliance, you can rely on us one hundred percent. At all times.

Email connections

Link your digital mailbox with staffitpro – you have full access and full scope of use right away.


AI-assisted recruiting is the future - and insAight.ME from staffitpro is the first step in this direction.


With our first-class partner network, we enable you to integrate essential programs such as Microsoft Exchange.


Launch your job posting on thousands of job portals with a single click. In this way, you are guaranteed to find the right talent.


Evaluate your work results on the basis of key performance indicators – automatically or completely individually.


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