E-mail synchronization: everything in one place

Retrieving e-mails is easy. In staffitpro too. It has a space reserved for your mailboxes. Easily receive, read, write and send your messages at any time!

Communicate how you want.

Seamlessly continue to conduct your correspondence at ease. Enter your log-in details to easily link your e-mail account with staffitpro. You now have full access and can send e-mails via your usual e-mail address.

Optimum collaboration

staffitpro makes you a better team. In our intelligent software, you are all connected to one another and can enjoy a project overview in real time. This allows for lightning-fast exchange about to-dos or stand-ins. Add a new dimension to your collaboration!

Improve the journey

More positive experiences for candidates and customers: enabled by you thanks to automatically collected insider knowledge about your contacts. This pleases your customers and candidates – and provides you with a basis to act with competence.

Gain valuable insights

Central, detailed contact management that builds up virtually by itself: Every e-mail sent – including from devices without staffitpro such as a smartphone – is automatically saved for the respective contact. Could it be any simpler?

Bulk mailings via SMTP

One e-mail, many recipients: Sending bulk mailings from staffitpro is also incredibly easy. Either integrate your own SMTP server or automatically use the default variant that is pre-configured especially for you in our smart software.

Your Demo

With staffitpro, you can take your workflow to the next level. The intelligent software supports you with a variety of smart functions - for more efficiency and productivity!


Reliable automation, error-free processes, convincing results.

Super fast

Task completion at the push of a button and search hits within seconds!


Intuitive operation, independent work processes and comprehensive support.

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More functions

Applicant management

Comprehensive profiles and central communication give you a complete overview of tasks, contacts and deadlines at all times – GDPR-compliant storage included!

Applicant search

Never before have you searched for matches so successfully. A broad search base and maximum search term diversity deliver top hits!


Put your skills to use where they are most required. Virtual assistants will carry out routine work for you!

CRM & Sales

The CRM sales feature of our smart recruiting software performs the necessary steps for you – and thus gives you the ideal basis for increased success.

Data security

In matters of data security and compliance, you can rely on us one hundred percent. At all times.


AI-assisted recruiting is the future - and insAight.ME from staffitpro is the first step in this direction.


With our first-class partner network, we enable you to integrate essential programs such as Microsoft Exchange.


Launch your job posting on thousands of job portals with a single click. In this way, you are guaranteed to find the right talent.


Evaluate your work results on the basis of key performance indicators – automatically or completely individually.


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