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The right approach at the perfect time and all contacts and activities in check at all times. Sounds good? Welcome to the benefits of our special staffitpro tools!

Your path to success

Our smart recruiting tool can now do even more: It offers you a full-fledged, seamlessly integrated CRM system, in which you can save and constantly manage all organizations and related contacts according to your requirements. Plus: a whole series of intelligent sales tools helps you to generate even more leads and further increase your productivity.


Understand customer relations and thus strengthen cooperation! Our integrated staffitpro CRM gives you the tools for success:

  • Effortlessly maintain the master data of organizations and contact persons, including corporate structures and organizational charts.
  • Requirement profiles detailed right down to the level of contact persons can be stored in the system.
  • Regular contact increases customer loyalty! staffitpro does all this for you. Automate greetings for particular occasions, check-ins for ongoing cooperation, feedback surveys and much more.
  • staffitpro automatically and thoroughly documents any interaction with the customer directly in the data record. From e-mails to feedback upon the filling of a vacancy – everything in a single place.
  • Create personalized documents at the touch of a button – from information flyers to framework agreements.


Map sales processes clearly and generate even more leads with our smart tools. staffitpro offers you everything you need for success:

  • Structure all sales processes in your organization with maximum clarity on the basis of your user-defined sales pipelines. 
  • Automate your sales pipelines and thus always stay one step ahead of the competition.
  • Speed does not mean carelessness: Personalize ready-made mailshots and text blocks using variables to address your target group in a personal and carefully targeted manner. 
  • Only our software provides such smart lead generation: Our mailshots enable you to present your top talents to customers in just a few clicks. 
  • If desired, you can also provide customers with permanent limited access to selected talents in your database.

staffitpro offers a strong CRM component.

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With staffitpro, you can take your workflow to the next level. The intelligent software supports you with a variety of smart functions - for more efficiency and productivity!


Reliable automation, error-free processes, convincing results.

Super fast

Task completion at the push of a button and search hits within seconds!


Intuitive operation, independent work processes and comprehensive support.

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More functions

Applicant management

Comprehensive profiles and central communication give you a complete overview of tasks, contacts and deadlines at all times – GDPR-compliant storage included!

Applicant search

Never before have you searched for matches so successfully. A broad search base and maximum search term diversity deliver top hits!


Put your skills to use where they are most required. Virtual assistants will carry out routine work for you!

Data security

In matters of data security and compliance, you can rely on us one hundred percent. At all times.

Email connections

Link your digital mailbox with staffitpro – you have full access and full scope of use right away.


AI-assisted recruiting is the future - and insAight.ME from staffitpro is the first step in this direction.


With our first-class partner network, we enable you to integrate essential programs such as Microsoft Exchange.


Launch your job posting on thousands of job portals with a single click. In this way, you are guaranteed to find the right talent.


Evaluate your work results on the basis of key performance indicators – automatically or completely individually.


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