Integration simplifies your work.

Starting from scratch? With staffitpro, you are not starting at zero. We are constantly working to expand our partner network for you. Simply integrate your existing programs into staffitpro. You can also easily integrate numerous familiar programs via our API interface.

Continue working as usual – just more efficiently

Never change a running system, so the saying goes. We agree. As a recruiter, you use countless work and communication tools. Combine their best features with staffitpro – for optimal results. Simply bring the programs that you need with you – and our software will handle all the tasks that would cost you valuable time to complete manually.

Pro tool for pros

We recommend our staffitpro Ultimate Edition to recruiters for larger projects. It is accessible to third-party apps via an API interface. This means that you can incorporate the innovative software into your existing infrastructure.

Either do it yourself…

Do you regularly develop custom extensions and want them to remain under your responsibility? No problem: You can work completely independently using the API interface in our staffitpro Ultimate Edition.

…or simply leave it to us

Reduce costs, more results in less time? Also no problem: If requested, we will take over the implementation of your desired interfaces. After all, we are experts in using our own software. No familiarization process, no testing. We know what we are doing!

Here you can see what integration possibilities are currently available to you. Others are in the works!

Our intelligent software records all interactions that you or your colleagues have with your customers or applicants in an automatically generated contact history. You send e-mails directly from staffitpro, and contacts as well as e-mails sent from other devices or via third-party providers are automatically assigned.

Some information is relevant for a large target group. You don’t have to laboriously assign all kinds of messages to individual contacts. Integrating your SMTP servers into staffitpro enables you to send bulk mailings – effortlessly at the click of a button. You don’t have your own SMTP server? In this case, our default variant is available to you.

Arrange meetings and virtual calls in just a few clicks, without having to spend time switching between different applications. When you arrange an interview with staffitpro, a meeting link is automatically inserted into your invitation and the relevant date is blocked in your calendar. Integrate once, verify – and you’re ready to go!

Do you have a Gmail account? Simply keep using it. Thanks to easy integration into our smart software, you will be able to send your e-mails directly from staffitpro in future, without having to switch to your external account beforehand. Of course, your sender address remains unchanged.

Do you want to create a document? Go for it! Use the MS Office user interface incorporated into staffitpro to open your file online in the corresponding Word application where you can edit it as usual. It can then be saved in the environment of the relevant contact directly from staffitpro.

With staffitpro, you will not lose contact! Our smart software offers you a fully integrated telephony solution: AWS Connect, a telephone service of our network partner AWS. Your advantages: Calls made from the software are initiated as usual and, in addition, a contact entry is automatically created in the communication history for the called person. staffitpro displays incoming calls on the system interface. If the contact is already known, the system instantly provides you with all available details. This helps you to immediately find the right words when addressing the calling person.

For anyone who wants even more than the combined megapower of our efficient standard reporting! Key performance indicators (KPIs) are important to measure the success of your work in figures. staffitpro will help you with this. Thanks to the standardized SQL interface, you simply connect leading reporting systems to the software and have your work results evaluated – either automatically on the basis of pre-defined KPIs or using your own indicators. The third-party business intelligence and analytics systems that can be integrated include Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, for example.

“With the practical Outlook synchronization, we increase our productivity by 10 %.”

Christian Ahring A Strategy

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With staffitpro, you can take your workflow to the next level. The intelligent software supports you with a variety of smart functions - for more efficiency and productivity!


Reliable automation, error-free processes, convincing results.

Super fast

Task completion at the push of a button and search hits within seconds!


Intuitive operation, independent work processes and comprehensive support.

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More functions

Applicant management

Comprehensive profiles and central communication give you a complete overview of tasks, contacts and deadlines at all times – GDPR-compliant storage included!

Applicant search

Never before have you searched for matches so successfully. A broad search base and maximum search term diversity deliver top hits!


Put your skills to use where they are most required. Virtual assistants will carry out routine work for you!

CRM & Sales

The CRM sales feature of our smart recruiting software performs the necessary steps for you – and thus gives you the ideal basis for increased success.

Data security

In matters of data security and compliance, you can rely on us one hundred percent. At all times.

Email connections

Link your digital mailbox with staffitpro – you have full access and full scope of use right away.


AI-assisted recruiting is the future - and insAight.ME from staffitpro is the first step in this direction.


Launch your job posting on thousands of job portals with a single click. In this way, you are guaranteed to find the right talent.


Evaluate your work results on the basis of key performance indicators – automatically or completely individually.


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