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At staffitpro, many colleagues celebrate Advent Sunday with their own traditions and activities - here's a little insight.

Lena Ötzmann
Lena Ötzmann

Despite the pre-Christmas stress and year-end rush, there is a magic in the air during Advent. And because we know exactly how difficult it is to get in the mood for the upcoming holidays with all the hustle and bustle, we try to celebrate small rituals in a very special way and cultivate family traditions. Today you can find private insights into the staffitpro team in our new blog article: We show you our favorite Advent activities and traditions. Have a read!

The days are getting shorter, but tempers are brightening. At staffitpro, the Advent weekends in particular are more than just a short break from the busy working week - while some of our team get creative in the kitchen and bake cookies, others prefer to spend time with family and friends.

Each of us has our own idea of an atmospheric Advent weekend: Vanessa G. from our Customer Happiness Team, for example, likes to start her Sunday wrapped up with a relaxed Advent walk, accompanied by her loved ones and her puppy Sky. The clear winter air and the tranquillity of nature are like balm for the soul for her - and a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of Christmas in the city and the working days at her desk during the week.

For Nic, who also works for our marketing department, Advent Sunday looks a little different. For him, Advent morning is the signal for an extensive family breakfast. The house smells of fresh coffee and warm bread rolls, while the whole family sits down at the table, gets together and recounts the experiences of the past week. It's about more than just eating - it's a real family tradition.

Marcel, our Managing Director, deliberately uses the pre-Christmas period to take a break from everyday working life and focus on what means the most to him: spending time with his family and friends.

His weekends begin with the rare luxury of a good night's sleep and a relaxed, hearty breakfast.

For Marcel, however, the real highlight is meeting up with his school friends and fellow students in the run-up to Christmas. As they all now live in different corners of the world, these moments of coming together during the cozy Christmas season are something very special. They take the opportunity when many come home for the holidays to see each other again and spend time together. At these gatherings, they share the highlights of the past year and learn from the diverse experiences that everyone has had. So the reunions are not only happy reunions, but also a source of great inspiration.

How do you spend your Advent weekends and what traditions accompany you through the Advent season? Why don't you tell us! In any case, the staffitpro team wishes you a magical Advent season, with lots of wonderful moments and a little peace and quiet, a little arrival and a little getting in the mood for Christmas.

Lena Ötzmann
Lena Ötzmann
Werkstudentin Marketing

Lena is our busy marketing colleague. When she’s not actively supporting us, she’s studying business administration. She loves writing and getting to the bottom of things.

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