Start to be smart: insAIght.ME from staffitpro

AI-assisted recruiting is the future - and insAight.ME from staffitpro is the first step in this direction. Optimize your recruitment processes with personal smart helpers and artificial intelligence.

Innovation that takes the strain off you

insAight.ME is the new AI module from staffitpro. From now on, your own smart assistant will support you in staffing and recruiting. You retain full control at all times: insAight.ME makes suggestions. You make the decisions.

Functionality makes all the difference

Intelligent technology alone is not enough. It must also be used intelligently. InsAight.ME has been specially developed to offer you maximum added value at every step of the recruitment process. Seamless integration into staffitpro makes it easy to use. Your insAight.ME supports you with these challenges, among others:

Job descriptions

For companies, job descriptions are the most important advertisement for talent and potential employees. Nevertheless, the job descriptions provided by companies often do not meet the required quality. Rewriting them or creating completely new texts costs a lot of time and nerves.

insAIght.ME can:

  • Optimize job descriptions provided by the customer   
  • Adapt tonality and approach to specific industries 
  • Inserting additional information and enhancing the text  
  • Classify and use notes from conversations with customers

Frame information

If experts are generally suitable for a position, the details need to be clarified: Are they available? What salary do they expect? And do their expectations match the requirements of the job? As a rule, you will have to send out a large number of cover letters to obtain general information and sort out experts who are not suitable. This is not only time-consuming, but also not particularly efficient.

insAIght.ME can:

  • Create personalized and targeted addresses 
  • Tailoring cover letters to individuals and situations
  • Incorporate variations and details into communication 
  • Avoid sending countless emails without effect
  • Facilitate the selection of pre-qualified candidates


A well-functioning network is almost indispensable in the business world. The problem: Maintaining contacts is difficult or even impossible once you have a certain number of customers, partners and candidates. But only an active network with close relationships brings real added value. If you want to fully exploit the potential of networking, you will have to invest a lot of energy in maintaining contacts - in addition to the actual main work.

insAIght.ME can:

  • Scan entire databases or selected circles  
  • Track interactions within a network  
  • Identify people who have not been contacted for a long time
  • Create a list of people to be contacted
  • Generate and send personalized letters 


For many recruiters and HR professionals, interviews and job interviews are the aspect of recruitment they are most enthusiastic about. But unfortunately, in addition to the enjoyable part - talking to applicants - the process also consists of a lot of unpleasant routine work and organizational tasks: from finding appointments and preparing materials to drawing up interview guidelines and questions.

insAIght.ME can:

  • Comprehensive support for interview preparation 
  • Automatically generate suitable question catalogs
  • Tailor questions individually to jobs and applicants
  • Coordinate and schedule time and date for interviews  
  • Write interview invitations and send them to candidates

Come with us into the future

Innovation is what drives us at staffitpro. With insAIght.ME, we are laying the foundation for a process of continuous optimization. Our goal: to turn your AI helper into a digital assistant over time. Discover our vision and get started on the recruitment of the future with staffitpro.

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More functions

Applicant management

Comprehensive profiles and central communication give you a complete overview of tasks, contacts and deadlines at all times – GDPR-compliant storage included!

Applicant search

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Put your skills to use where they are most required. Virtual assistants will carry out routine work for you!

CRM & Sales

The CRM sales feature of our smart recruiting software performs the necessary steps for you – and thus gives you the ideal basis for increased success.

Data security

In matters of data security and compliance, you can rely on us one hundred percent. At all times.

Email connections

Link your digital mailbox with staffitpro – you have full access and full scope of use right away.


With our first-class partner network, we enable you to integrate essential programs such as Microsoft Exchange.


Launch your job posting on thousands of job portals with a single click. In this way, you are guaranteed to find the right talent.


Evaluate your work results on the basis of key performance indicators – automatically or completely individually.


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